Me: Ok, so I'm going to give you- W: CANDY?!? Me: ...five more minutes to finish this assignment.[...]


OUR CLASS' GRANT GOT FUNDED!!! We are getting 6 Kindle Fire Tablets for our room! Our counselor also got her grant funded to get an iPad! (I am also personally celebrating because my fiancé got the job he applied for!) In response one of my kids said: "You're like a [...]


Reading Holes has inspired my students to contemplate what nickname to give the various people in their lives. M: Ms. Ship, your nickname would be Casper. Class: Oooh, yeah! Me: Really guys? Wow. M: Because you're friendly and nice and helpful! And white. Ha! You thought it was just gonna be the white thing. Later: Me:[...]

There should be a book police...

Me: Before we start reading, I want to apologize in advance. My book is a page or two off of your copies so I might turn the page before you. Pay close attention so we don't get confused. Brandon: OMG! You have a different book? Call the book police![...]


I asked my students for another word for Utopia, trying to spur them into saying "paradise" or "heaven" or something similar. One student's earnest response: "New Zealand!" Meanwhile, their choice for the opposite of Utopia? "Oakland!" After this, I enjoyed looking at their illustrated maps of their personal utopias, which included[...]

Turns out, I missed them after all

It always seems like my students know when I am close to giving up. They launch into incredibly mature and/or adorable behavior just when I think they are determined to be difficult for the rest of the year. After a particularly harrowing exam week, my students were back to being[...]


"I am Hitler. Wait, no, I'm am 'Assain Hubama! -a dear 8th grader of mine Wait, WHAT?![...]

Finals Week

I was standing at the water cooler, wild-eyed and fairly bewildered after a tense meeting. One of our assistant principals walked in, looked at me, laughed, and said "Ms. Ship, you look like you just spent the last 10 years wandering through the desert and that's the first water you've[...]

Ticking time bomb

New student talking about a time he got mad and in trouble at his old school: "Well, then, I exploded. But they taped me back together." I laughed, and then he said... "Oh, good. You got that joke?"[...]

Origin Stories

I was excitedly and animatedly telling my students about the old show Wishbone and how amazing and inspiring I found it as a kid, and how it led me to read lots of books and love English. I may have even started singing the theme song. When the conversation was[...]

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